Garmin GPS Receivers

All Garmin products are available through Mexico Maps and we are happy to supply a quote on any combination of equipment.

Please call about these items if you need them right away. 805-687-1011 or mobile 805-448-7273

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  Name Price
View Detail Belt Clip (spine mount) for eTrex 10/20/30 $9.99
View Detail DEZL 760LMT $399.99
View Detail eTrex 30 $299.99
View Detail Nuvi 1350LMT 4.3" $138.00
View Detail Nuvi 1450LM 5" $140.00
View Detail Nuvi 265WT 4.3" $125.00
View Detail Nuvi 465T 4.3" $215.00
View Detail Rechargeable NiMH Battery Kit for eTrex 30 $24.99