Belize AdventureMap (NatGeo)

ISBN: 9781566954686
Publisher: National Geographic Maps
Edition: 2009

Scale 1:400,000

National Geographic’s Belize AdventureMap details the country’s numerous protected areas including its National Parks, preserves, wildlife sanctuaries, archeological reserves, marine reserves, spawning grounds and private reserves. UNESCO World Heritage sites and the locations of archeological ruins are highlighted, along with locations of popular places for diving, surfing, fishing, and more.

A detailed road network, plus inset maps of Belize City and San Pedro, including the location of key infrastructure and points-of-interest, make the Belize AdventureMap ideal for touring both urban and remote destinations.

The reverse of the Belize AdventureMap, contains detailed interpretive information to Belize’s Blue Hole, the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, The Barrier Reef System, plus information on the many cultures, history, and districts of Belize.

Like all National Geographic AdventureMaps, Belize is printed on durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, and environmentally friendly media capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel. 1:400,000 scale.

Protected Area Boundaries to include: National Parks, Nature Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Mangrove Reserves, National and Public Reserves, Bird Sanctuaries, Forest Reserves, Archeological Reserves, Marine Reserves, Spawning Aggregation Grounds, and Private Reserves. - Archeological Sites and Ruins locations - UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Belize City and San Pedro Insets - Popular Diving and fishing locations - Travel information

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